Cumberland County dentist treats emergency patients ::

— Several dental clinics across North Carolina have closed. But there are places open to get emergency procedures taken care of and there are several folks who are glad they’re available.”

There is no way around it. Dental work is up close and very personal. Social distancing is just about out the window.

But pain from tooth-related issues needs to be addressed even though many patients have coronavirus fears that extend to the dental office.

Carolina Dentist

“So we are doing everything we can. We wear personal protective equipment. We’re following all OSHA standards. Everything we can to stop that scare,” said Cindy Sky, office manager at Carolina Dentist.

Doctor Corey Mullen owns Carolina Dentist. He’s downsized his staff and decided to keep his seven locations open for emergency procedures only.

“Not only do we want to care for our patients and keep them pain free and infection free, but equally important right now, it’s important that we keep them out of our ERs and other medical facilities,” said Mullen.

Mullen says dental issues make up three of the top 10 avoidable reasons to visit an emergency room. He says limiting the size of his staff and the way patients wait for treatment are two of the many things his offices are doing to keep patients safe.

Patients come to an appointment and sit in the car until a dental assistant brings them inside the facility.

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