Here Is More About My Favorite Air Rifle

B2372 1          Here Is More About My Favorite Air Rifle

When you are broke but oh! you need an air rifle:

With mounting inflation and recession headlong, I decided that it was time for me to shell out to buy myself an air rifle. No particular need at all but I just thought the time was ripe!
And then I realized that the license and the course is mandatory:

The state I resided in (I have presently moved out since) required statutory license in the pocket and a course of handing firearms certified and sealed before one could even enter a rifle store to buy!
So, you see, I was slightly broke, then I shelled out for the statutory requirements. So, I was now looking at an air rifle that satisfies my ego but is kind to my pocket as well!

My favorite air rifle is the Benjamin 392:

Ever since I was a teen the benjamin392 rifle used to fascinate me no end. It has a classic design. I remember my dad saying at the dining table that it was the fanciest of the guns butone of the most dependable ones.

The look:

The classic look! Oh the combination of steel and the wood and to think that one need to manually pump it with .22 pellets; eight at a time. Wow!

I have been shooting away to glory:

It has been almost a couple of years since my purchase and I can tell you that I haven’t really given the rifle a much deserved rest. I fill up the gun with pumps every single day and shoot at self made targets. I hate doing it at pests like squirrels but I try hitting at tin cans. You see it has become a hobby and I must say I am dangerously addicted to it.

The storage:

It is recommended to store the gun with two pumps at least. The rest of the maintenance, any guy with a gun ought to know and I am too sure you are one of them!