How To Maintain Your Radar Detector

While your radar detector may be the latest models with all the best features available. You may have blown a fortune over and assume that getting a speeding ticket is going to be a thing of the past. You might want to think again.

If you do not take enough care of your radar detector and use it appropriately. It won’t be long before it begins to create issues.

Care to be taken while using a radar detector

  • Be Alert: No matter how hi-tech your radar detector is, if you are not an alert driver, no one can save not just from a speeding ticket, but other potentially dangerous consequences.
  • Mounting the detector right: Police often aim the radar gun at the number plate of a car to check for speeding. If a radar detector is placed right on top, it may not be able to detect the signals well in time. Placing the detector somewhere in the middle of the car near or on the dash is a good idea.
  • Knowing how to read the signals: Radar detector reviews show that the newest ones have some great features like an ‘anti-collision’ detector, ‘Pop mode’ detector, and many other such uses. Knowing each signal and understanding its significance is the only way you’re detector will be of any use.
  • Keep the radar detector protected: One must avoid exposing the radar detector to direct sunlight. Like all electronic devices, over-heating may shorten the radar detectors life span or its accuracy. Having a protective cover for the detector may be a good idea.

One must avoid parking right under the sun, or even in open places where there is a threat of theft. Proper care must be taken to avoid losing your detector to theft.

  • Highway mode or City Mode: It is always best to adjust your radar detector mode depending upon where you are driving. Trying to adjust the detector while driving might not just be dangerous, but may also affect its accuracy.

If you ensure that the device is used wisely, it will not just last long but will also be very effective.