Look Before You Leap

Most gaming monitor buying guides would insist on looking at reviews before purchasing good display for your system. It is vital to check out the third party tests and the reviews of the technology that you want to buy. It is vital to know the unbiased opinions and experience of people who have purchased and used the gaming monitors. That would provide you with the valuable information that the store owner or manual might not provide you with.

For example, a fast response time might be quite useless in the case of a lagging system that takes its own time to recognize the input. Some things are realized only after the purchase and continuous use. Hence, do read gaming monitor reviews before picking the one that you want. Everything might not be as it seems.

What to look for

Read about the refresh rates of the monitor. It must match the performance of the video card. Without adaptive sync technology, it is possible to have glitches such as image stuttering and screen tearing.

In the world of gaming, time is of the essence. The response time is of incredible importance. While a timing of fewer than 5ms is considered to be good, there are monitors with the timing of 2ms or less. They are the best in the PC gaming world.

Many monitors cannot handle when the frames arrive in multiples and at once. The screen tears when the refresh rate and the game’s frame rate are a mismatch. The adaptive sync technology differs with every monitor and must be researched carefully before purchase.

Last but not the least, the panel type. IPS is newer and fancier than TN. IPS has higher contrast ratios with vivid colours and wider viewing angles. While it is considered to be more expensive with lower refresh rates and response times, it can be read about in different reviews before making the buy.

Read reviews without fail. You won’t regret it.