Bee Health

Community goal

Our goal is to facilitate knowledge transfer of sustainable, bee health management practices to secure continued pollination of our natural and agricultural plant communities.

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Who we are

This knowledge comes from experts involved in the USDA-ARS Areawide Program for Improving Honey Bee Health, the USDA-NIFA Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP) for Sustainable Solutions to Problems Affecting Health of Managed Bees, the USDA-NIFA CAP, Bee Informed Partnership and many other individual bee experts and programs that have experienced, tested strategies and new research to share with the public.

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How did the Bee Health community begin?

In response to high death rates of bee colonies in the winters of 2006-2008 and the emergence of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), researchers and extension specialists pooled their resources to engage this new challenge. The phenomenon of CCD coincided with the 2006 release of the National Research

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