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Under Pressure: New Bioinspired Material Can ‘Shapeshift’ to External Forces

Inspired by how human bone and colorful coral reefs adjust mineral deposits in response to their surrounding environments, researchers have created a self-adapting material that can change its … read more

New Chemical Tools Can Control the Concentration of Lipids in Living Cells

So far, it has been difficult to analyze the functions of lipid molecules in living cells. Researchers have now developed chemical tools that can be activated by light and used to influence lipid … read more

Genomics Used to Estimate Samoan Population Dynamics Over 3,000 Years

A new study estimating the size of the Samoan population using contemporary genomic data found that the founding population remained low for the first 1,500 years of human settlement, contributing to … read more

Genetic Variation Not an Obstacle to Gene Drive Strategy to Control Mosquitoes

New research from entomologists clears a potential obstacle to using CRISPR-Cas9 ‘gene drive’ technology to control mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and … read more

Solving the Puzzle of Mitchell Disease

Researchers discovered that ACOX1 is involved in two distinct neurodegenerative … read more

Scents Regulate Fat Storage Without Affecting Eating Behavior

Researchers discovered that, in the lab worm C. elegans, certain scents dynamically regulate fat mobilization by interacting with specific olfactory neurons through specific … read more

HeLa cervical cancer cells (stock image). | Credit: (c) heitipaves /

Scientists have long hypothesized the existence of enzyme clusters, or ‘metabolons,’ in facilitating various processes within cells. Researchers have now directly observed functional … read more

Researchers Get Important Glimpse Into Microbiome Development in Early Life

A team of researchers has characterized how the gut microbiome develops in the first hours of infancy, providing a critical baseline for how changes in this environment can impact health and disease … read more

Schizophrenia word concept (stock image). | Credit: (c) Chris Titze Imaging /

Scientists have conducted the largest-ever whole genome sequencing study of schizophrenia to provide a more complete picture of the role the human genome plays in this … read more

Peer-Review: Modernizing a Time-Intensive Process

Astronomer have found that a new process of evaluating proposed scientific research projects is as effective — if not more so — than the traditional peer-review … read more

A Non-Invasive Way of Monitoring Diabetes

Saliva could be used instead of blood to monitor diabetes in a new … read more

Proteins May Halt the Severe Cytokine Storms Seen in COVID-19 Patients

A team of researchers has developed specialized antibody-like receptor proteins that they believe could soak up the excess cytokines produced during a cytokine storm. This excessive immune response, … read more

How Exercise Supports Your Mental Fitness: Current Recommendations

Sporting activities can bring about a long-term improvement in cognitive performance across all age groups. However, the effects differ between men and women, and not all sports provide the same … read more

New Clues to Predict the Risks Astronauts Will Face from Space Radiation on Long Missions

Researchers used a novel approach to test assumptions in a model used by NASA to predict health risks for … read more

New ‘Toolbox’ for Urological Cancer Detection

Researchers have developed a new method for biomarker discovery of urological cancers. The method enables timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Urological cancers include e.g. prostate, bladder … read more

Importance of Mitochondrial Small Proteins in Energy Production

A small mitochondrial protein is necessary for energy production and its malfunction could be behind a range of degenerative diseases, according to new … read more

Insight Into the Synapses

‘Distance keeping’ is not exactly the motto of the glutamate receptors: Using super-resolution microscopy, it now was discovered that the receptors usually appear in small groups at the … read more

Treatment for Spasticity in Mice, Following Spinal Cord Injuries Discovered

In experiments with mice, researchers have studied neuronal mechanisms and found a way to by and large prevent spasticity from developing after spinal cord injuries. A new study shows that the … read more

Psychedelic Compound from Magic Mushrooms Produced in Yeast

Scientists prove that psilocybin, a potential drug for treating depression and other psychological conditions can be produced in … read more

Influenza: Researchers Show That New Treatment Reduces Spread of Virus

Researchers have shown that a new antiviral drug for influenza can treat the infection at the same time as reducing the risk of transmission to others, offering powerful potential to change the way … read more

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