University Hospital of Brooklyn

University Hospital of Brooklyn


In accordance with New York State Department of Health Guidelines and to ensure a
safe environment for our patients and visitors amid the spread of 2019 coronavirus
disease (COVID-19), we have updated our policy for visitors to the hospital and clinics.

Effective immediately, we are not allowing visitors into the hospital (exceptions
are for Obstetrics: one visitor during active labor and Pediatrics, 4th floor: one parent or guardian). Only these exceptions will be allowed to enter the
hospital through the 470 Clarkson Avenue entrance and allowed entry only if they screen
negative for the coronavirus disease.

Also allowed in the 470 Clarkson Avenue entrance: Scheduled outpatients for the clinic,
scheduled urgent radiology/OB Ultrasound and time-sensitive genetic testing patients.

During this challenging period we will work with our patients to provide information
to designated family members or support persons daily.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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University Hospital of Brooklyn is the only hospital in the borough backed by the
expertise of an outstanding medical school and the research facilities of a world-class
academic center. We offer a broad range of general and specialized medical care for
the entire family. 

Make an appointment by calling
718 270-7207

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University Hospital of Brooklyn’s Bone & Joint Center at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences
University offers top orthopedic surgeons who are leaders in their field. We are backed
by the expertise of an outstanding medical school and the research facilities of a
world class academic center for you and your family.

Make an appointment by calling
718 270-2045

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Family Medicine at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University thrives on understanding
and uniquely caring for its diverse patient community in Brooklyn.  Find Out More »

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MyDownstateCare. Your Secure Online Health Connection.

MyDownstateCare is your secure, online health connection, because your health is important
to you around the clock – not just during business hours. That’s why Downstate offers
the MyDownstateCare Patient Portal.


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Hospital Charges

University Hospital SUNY Downstate Delivers Transparency in Pricing

In compliance with New York state law, University Hospital SUNY Downstate provides
a price list available to each patient and community member. This list contains our
recent charges for services.

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Accepted Insurance

The Department of Managed Care

We are here to assist you in navigating the managed care maze. Managed Care involves
the active coordination of health care services to individuals at a reasonable cost.
SUNY Downstate participates in many insurance plans and is here to offer you the highest
quality in healthcare services to meet your needs.

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RX graphicUniversity Hospital of SUNY Downstate is a leader in advanced medical care. It is
the only hospital in Brooklyn backed by the expertise of an outstanding medical school
and the research facilities of a world class academic center.

Over 800 physicians, representing 53 specialties and subspecialties – many of them
ranked as tops in their fields, are on Downstate’s staff. Our doctors teach other
doctors who practice in New York City. More physicians in New York City graduate from
SUNY Downstate than from any other medical school in America.

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