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Emergency Dental Service All emergency dentist that are a part of the Emergency Dental Service network, have evening, weekend, or walk-in hours that will allow a patient to conveniently be seen immediately. If you or a loved one is experiencing pain or discomfort from a dental emergency using […]

Emergency Dental Service

All emergency dentist that are a part of the Emergency Dental Service network, have evening, weekend, or walk-in hours that will allow a patient to conveniently be seen immediately. If you or a loved one is experiencing pain or discomfort from a dental emergency using a online dental referral service such as Emergency Dental Service is critical to having the ability to locate a dentist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

Find a 24 hour emergency dentist

Emergency dentists are usually licensed dental providers that own their own dental clinic and provide general & specialty dental services.  They typically accept patients through walk-in appointments or appointments scheduled within 24 hours. Most emergency dentists will have hours that are dedicated to seeing patients with dental emergencies during the evenings and on weekends. Emergency dentists are setup to handle painful and uncomfortable dental problems that usually happen unexpectedly.

How do you find emergency dentists in your local area?

emergency dentist near me

There are many resources that you can use to locate a dentist near you that will help with a dental emergency. Most of the resources are accessible online and have an easy way for you to call and get additional information.  Some of the top emergency dental resources include: Emergency Dental Service, 1-800-Dentist, Emergency Dentists USA, Emergency Dental Care, 24 Hour Dental, & Aspen Dental

Emergency Dental Care

emergency dental care

Having the knowledge of what to do in a dental emergency is very critical. There are several things that a patient can do in order to prevent a small dental problem from getting worse. Most dentist recommend calling an emergency hotline and getting advice from a license professional in the case of an emergency. The number one recommendation is to keep calm and immediately find a way to ease pain, either through over the counter medication or a doctor’s subscription. Emergency dental care that is handled at home the proper way, will most likely prevent you from having a costly dental bill and sometimes save a broken or fractured tooth.

Tooth Infection

emergency tooth infection help

A tooth infection can become serious if left untreated and not given immediate attention. Most infections can spread to other teeth and other areas of the body over time. Typically the tooth infection is caused by an untreated cavity, injury to an area of the tooth or previous dental work. The most common term used to describe a tooth infection is an abscessed tooth and can usually cause pain while chewing or irritate the gums surrounding the infected tooth.

To treat a tooth infection, you will need to seek the help of a medical professional and he/she will usually run lab tests and imaging to accurately diagnosis the problem. If your pain from a tooth infection occurs during the weekend or late at night, use an online resource such as Emergency Dental Service to find an emergency dentist that is open near you immediately.

Tooth Extraction

When a tooth has been damaged badly enough some dentist recommend moving forward with a dental procedure called a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is the removal of a damaged tooth from the socket in the bone. Chipped, fractured, or a severely decayed tooth are usually extracted if they cannot be repaired and healed naturally.

An emergency tooth extraction is usually performed when an unexpected injury to the month has affected one or several teeth. Sports injuries & physical fights are the number 1 & 2 causes for an emergency tooth extraction.  When faced with an emergency that requires immediate emergency dental attention, use valid online resources to find local emergency dentists.

Emergency Dentist Near Me search feature

emergency dental near me search

One of the newest smartphone features is the ability to utilize your phones GPS signal to find local businesses closest to your location. This is especially important for emergency situations like dental emergencies that can occur unexpectedly. Millions of iPhone users that consistently use Apple Maps & Siri, can now use their phones to do quick searches for emergency dentists near me and find a list of local dentist that are open and accepting walk-in emergency patients.

This feature can also be used to find general businesses that are not emergency related. Another common search is “dentist near me” or “dentists near me” this search usually list all general dentist in any local area that are close to your GPS signal. A lot of people use this search to find a dentist in a new area that they have moved to or are unfamiliar with.

Dental Crowns

dental crowns

A dental crown procedure is the covering of an existing tooth with porcelain, ceramic or stainless steel. The main reasons most dentist recommend a dental crown are: you have a really extreme discoloration in a tooth, a tooth is super weak and needs support to hold it together, or you want to make your teeth look better for cosmetic reasons.

Most dental crowns are a two-day procedure that require the dentist to create a mold of your tooth one day and input the dental crown on the 2nd day. There is a newer procedure called “Same-Day Dental Crown” that speeds up this process with a one day procedure using a newly developed technology & machine. This procedure is also called CEREC and thousands of dentists are certified in this area.

24 hour dentist | Weekend Dentist open on Saturday & Sunday

weekend dentist open on Saturday & Sunday

Most dental emergencies occur during the evening & weekend hours, which are times that general dentist are closed. In order to find a Saturday dentist you will need to use online resources such as Emergency Dental Service or 1-800-Dentist to find local emergency dentist near your home or office. There are a few dental offices that advertise as being open 24 hours a day & 7 days each week. These offices specialize in dental emergencies and are usually open during late evening hours to accommodate walk-in patients.

Urgent dental care | Dental emergency rooms

dental emergency rooms near you

There are thousands of emergency rooms located throughout the United States but most do not specialize in urgent dental care or emergency dental procedures. Emergency rooms will accept patients with dental emergencies but will only issue perceptions to ease the pain and then refer you to a dentist. You will have to find an urgent care dentist or clinic that is setup specifically as a dental emergency room. Both are very hard to find and will take some research using services such as Emergency Dental Service to find an emergency dentist that is close by.

Tooth Abscess

dental tooth abscess relief

One of the human body’s ways of protecting itself from bacteria & infection is by forming an abscess around the infection. Through a tooth abscess, the body prevents the infection in or around that tooth from spreading to other areas of the body. An abscessed tooth usually takes a couple of weeks to heal and it is highly recommend to see a dentist to get an evaluation of what is causing the tooth infection. Sometimes the tooth abscess can be very painful and swollen and in many cases need immediate emergency attention. Emergency dentists specialize in treating pain from a tooth abscess and will evaluate the root cause of the infection during your emergency walk-in visit.

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