Glasses are no longer just a functional accessory for better vision. They have become an integral part of our style statement. They not only help us see better but also make us look better. However, glasses also come with their own set of challenges, such as glare and reflections that […]

DNA tests have recently become available to consumers, and you have surely seen this come up before. More and more influencers are using DNA tests, and often this is to determine their origins. In fact, you can answer many questions with DNA and this is very useful for different people. […]

If you have heard about it, then you know it is the best. We’re talking about Vingo, the latest and the best Online running app that’s taking the fitness world by a storm. It is filled with tons of exciting features and people are literally getting addicted to it. For […]

Thanks to the newest technologies, couples no longer have to wait until an ultrasound or for their baby to be born to know which gender the baby will have. People often think that couples only consider having a gender test if they plan to throw a gender reveal party, but […]

Researchers analyzed how the quantity and type of coffee consumption influence the risk of arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality in adults ages 40 to 69. They found that drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily, whether instant, ground, or decaffeinated, was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and […]

Miron glass has been a well-known violet glass supplier for many years. They have a very wide range of glass packaging with a violet colour. This violet colour is incredibly important and brings several advantages. In any case, it ensures that the products stored in the bottle remain good for […]

Gustavo Perez got his influenza vaccine from pharmacist Patricia Pernal in early September during an event hosted by the Chicago Department of Public Health at the city’s Southwest Senior Center. This year’s flu season may strike earlier and harder than usual, experts warn. A flu shot’s your best protection. Scott […]

Share on PinterestResearchers have found that certain psychological issues — such as hopelessness, unhappiness, and loneliness — could increase a person’s biological age more than smoking. Jesse Morrow/Getty Images Medical history, lifestyle, and genetics all play an important role in how quickly a person ages. Recently, researchers have found that […]

It’s long been widely believed that dogs can detect extreme emotions by smell. Now scientists at Queen’s University Belfast in the U.K. have proven that a dog’s nose knows. Acute stress changes the compounds found in human sweat and breath, research has shown. For the new experiment, four dogs were […]

Share on PinterestIn a recent paper, researchers reviewed studies linking three key lifestyle factors to brain health. Mint Images RF/Getty Images In a recent paper, researchers reviewed studies linking exercise, relationships, and passion to brain health. They found reasonable evidence that all three factors offer protection against cognitive decline. Their […]

U.S. doctors should regularly screen all adults under 65 for anxiety, an influential health guidelines group proposed Tuesday. It’s the first time the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended anxiety screening in primary care for adults without symptoms. The proposal is open for public comment until Oct. 17, but the group […]

“She has her mother’s eyes,” begins the advertisement, “but will she also inherit her breast cancer diagnosis?” The smooth voice in the video is promoting the services of Genomic Prediction, a US company that says it can help prospective parents to answer this question by testing the genetics of embryos […]

Simply improving our breathing can significantly lower high blood pressure at any age. Recent research finds that just five to 10 minutes daily of exercises that strengthen the diaphragm and certain other muscles does the trick. SciePro/Getty Images/Max Posner/NPR hide caption toggle caption SciePro/Getty Images/Max Posner/NPR Simply improving our breathing […]

By MORGAN LEE, Associated Press SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is bracing for a rapid exodus of up to 100,000 people from subsidized Medicaid health care next year as the federal government phases out special pandemic-era spending and eligibility for the program, the state’s top health official told […]