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Test: (any)LD (all) (138,314)LD50 (117,541)LC (all) (2,929)LC50 (1,766)TDLo (1,501)TCLo (217)  betweenless thangreater thanequalsless than or equalgreater than or equal  (mg/kg or ppm)Species: (any)mouseratrabbitmammal (species unspecified)guinea pigdoghumancatall birdsfrogmonkeyhamsterall domestic animalspiggerbilhorse/donkeysquirrelRoute: (any)intraperitonealoralintravenoussubcutaneousunreportedskininhalationintramuscularparenteralintracrebralintratrachealrectalintraduodenalmultiple routesintradermalocularintraspinalintraarterialintravaginalintrapleuralimplantintracervicalintrarenalintrauterineintraauralEffect: (any)AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEMBEHAVIORALBLOODBRAIN AND COVERINGSCARDIACENDOCRINEGASTROINTESTINALIMMUNOLOGICAL INCLUDING ALLERGICKIDNEY, URETER, AND BLADDERLIVERLUNGS, THORAX, OR RESPIRATIONMUSCULOSKELETALPERIPHERAL NERVE AND SENSATIONSENSE ORGANS AND SPECIAL […]


(mg/kg or ppm)



Toxicity data is available for 112,443 records.

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