General Hospital Recap: Brook Lynn and Chase Kiss as Do Carly and Drew

At Kelly’s, Trina feels Rory knows all about her, but she doesn’t know much about him. Rory admits he’s worried she may think he’s boring. She asks about what he likes to do for fun. He reveals that he’s working on a graphic novel. Trina chirps, “You are an artist!” […]

At Kelly’s, Trina feels Rory knows all about her, but she doesn’t know much about him. Rory admits he’s worried she may think he’s boring. She asks about what he likes to do for fun. He reveals that he’s working on a graphic novel. Trina chirps, “You are an artist!” He also admits he is a good cook and would like to cook her dinner at his place sometime. She doesn’t know how he thought she could find him boring.

Trina and Rory go on date GH

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Anna arrives at the Metro Court pool and is on the phone with Lucy, who wants to chat up Victor at the Quartermaine picnic. After the call, she talks with Curtis and learns he and Portia are engaged.

Meanwhile, Jordan overhears Portia on the phone making an appointment for genetic counseling for her daughter regarding her paternal line. Jordan flashes back to questioning Portia if she ever talked to Trina about Taggert and whatever it was she thought she should know about her father.

Jordan overhears an important call GH

Portia approaches Curtis and Anna, and Anna congratulates her and gushes over the ring. Curtis excuses himself when he gets a call. He returns and tells Portia he has some business to attend to, so they’ll have to finish their celebration later.

Portia and Anna talk GH

Spencer arrives and finds Jordan clearly upset, and unsteady on her feet. He asks if everything is okay, and she responds it’s not.

Jordan approaches Portia and Anna as the WSB agent tells Portia she really is happy for her and Curtis. Jordan is too, and tells Portia she hopes she doesn’t make the same mistakes she did with Curtis and keep important things from him. Portia insists they have no secrets.

Jordan hopes Portia not lying GH

Spencer approaches with a drink for Jordan and hopes she’s feeling better. Portia stops Spencer from leaving because she’d like to talk to him. They step aside, and Anna asks Jordan what is going on. Jordan claims she was just feeling dehydrated. Anna wonders about that warning to Portia. Jordan asks Anna if she knew something that could cause problems for your ex, would you tell them? Anna suggests she really think about her reasons for wanting to tell Curtis whatever it is she knows.

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Meanwhile, Portia tells Spencer she appreciates his sacrifice to help Trina. However, Trina has moved on and she’s happy now. She wants him to move on too. Suddenly Rory and Trina arrive. Spencer thanks Portia for what she said, wishes Trina a good afternoon, and walks off. Portia is glad to see Trina as they need to speak about something. She slyly flashes her ring and Trina screams. Trina can’t believe she’s engaged and they hug. Portia gets a call she must take and excuses herself.

Trina happy for Portia GH

Trina walks over to Spencer, who is lounging, and asks if there is any word from the DA’s office. He says he reports to Pentonville in three days. Trina says this is so unfair. Rory offers to contact his buddy in Pentonville and about a cushy work assignment at the library. Spencer thanks Rory for the offer, but says he has to head out. He is glad to see Trina happy and walks away.

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In the park, Curtis meets with Selina Wu. She heard how well the trial went, and she’s glad her tip on where to find Oz paid off. He says it did and he’s grateful. She asks, how grateful?  He wonders what she wants. She has a shipment coming in and needs to move it through The Savoy and wants to make sure it won’t be impeded. Curtis rants that poker games are one thing, but he won’t let her traffic stolen goods through his club. She is not asking and warns him he doesn’t want her as an enemy. She says her people will reach out about the shipment, and she’s glad his family is no longer in jeopardy.

Wu upsets Curtis GH

At the hospital, Portia meets with Dr. Samuels to discuss the issue with her daughter. She says her daughter has been busy, and she was hoping she could provide all the necessary information and a DNA sample for analysis. The doctor can’t discuss private details with anyone but the patient and asks her to let her know when her daughter has time to talk.

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In the Quartermaine kitchen, Olivia assures Leo that nothing in that drink will harm anyone. He worries the wrong people will fall in love, like in the play he’s doing, A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. Olivia assures him the universe will always right itself in the end. Ned arrives and learns Leo mixed up a batch of Olivia’s Nona’s love potion, and he too assures Leo it’s highly unlikely anything will go wrong. Ned tells the boy to go enjoy himself and don’t worry about the potion.

Leo worried about potion GH

BLQ runs into Dante in the living room. She asks why he’s hiding out in here. Dante admits he and Sam have hit a roadblock.

Dante and BLQ red solo cups GH

Dante eventually runs into Sam, who was headed to the stables because she thinks she left her phone there. She admits she gets why Cody likes living here, and Dante jokes, “Maybe if I asked you to move into the stables with me, you’d have said yes.” Sam responds, “Ouch.” He is sorry for the bad joke, but Sam knows she hurt him when she didn’t say yes. She apologizes, but he is the one who is sorry and feels he pushed her away. She says she’s right here, so where do they go from here? He thinks they should continue putting off the moving-in talk until she’s ready.

Dante and Sam talk GH

Sam cries that she let herself get stuck in her head over Lulu, and she thought the idea of living together was closed and off the table for good. He says it’s always open for her. Sam thinks they should take control of their fate and do it. Dante lifts her and spins her around. Sam tells him she doesn’t expect him to change a thing in the house when she and the kids move in. He thinks they shouldn’t move in with him, and that he and Rocco should move in with her. They embrace and Sam says yes to the idea.

Sam agrees to move in GH

Chase finally runs into BLQ and says he’s going to say this fast because they always get interrupted. He tells her that he finds her passionate, caring, and incredibly sexy and he’s been falling for her for a long time. She jumps into his arms and kisses him.

BLQ and Chase kiss GH

BLQ and Chase quickly catch Leo spying on them, and he tells them they were kissing because of him. He reveals they drank a love potion, and it can make people fall in love or cause trouble. Chase suggests he lay off the magic, and Leo runs off.

BLQ worries the kiss was brought on by the potion, but Chase swears he has had feelings for her for a long time now. She believes him, but what they feel right now might not be real. Chase tells Brook Lynn she is so fearless except when it comes to her own heart. BLQ admits she’s scared, and he laughs that he’s terrified. They agree they are all in on this and will be scared together. They kiss again.

Leo runs back inside and tells Ned and Olivia that he saw BLQ and Chase kiss. Ned and Olivia cheer it’s about time.

Drew offers Carly something from his grill and thinks she probably likes it smoking hot. Carly asks if he’s flirting with her. He admits he is, just like she’s been flirting with him. Carly asks if she’s reading the signals wrong and if he’s just kidding around, but Drew insists this isn’t just friendly flirting.

Drew and Carly flirt GH

Carly confesses that she hasn’t been letting herself consider him anything more than a friend. They both agree this could complicate things. Carly says they could always drop whatever this is, but Drew thinks it will take a lot to make this fire go out. Drew pulls Carly into a kiss.

Drew and Carly kiss GH


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