Some pharmacies are having difficulty filling prescriptions of the attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder medication Adderall, following a labor shortage at the medication’s biggest U.S. supplier.  Yet the Food and Drug Administration said that, based on its monitoring of the supply of ADHD medications from all manufacturers, no shortage has been detected overall.  […]

Brandon Hudgins works the main floor at Fleet Feet, a running-shoe store chain, for more than 30 hours a week. He chats with customers, measuring their feet and dashing in and out of the storage area to locate right-sized shoes. Sometimes, clients drag their masks down while speaking. Others refuse […]

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The national network of Delta Dental companies protects more smiles than any other insurance company. If you are shopping for individual dental insurance, have individual dental insurance or have general questions, enter the state you live in. The national network of Delta Dental companies protects more smiles than […]

See All Conditions: Diagnosis, treatment and coping tips. ACL SurgeryCarpal Tunnel SurgeryEye HealthMultiple SclerosisAcneCataract SurgeryGallbladder SurgeryOral HealthADHDCholesterolGoutOsteoporosisAllergiesChoosing the Right Health PlanHeart HealthParkinson’s DiseaseAlzheimer’s DiseaseChronic PainHepatitis CProstate CancerAsthmaCold and FluHip ReplacementPsoriasisack PainCOPDHIVRheumatoid ArthritisBipolar DisorderDepressionHormone Replacement TherapyRosaceaBirth ControlDiabetesHPV/Genital WartsRotator Cuff SurgeryBones, Joints and MusclesDiabetic NeuropathyHysterectomySchizophreniaBreast CancerDigestive HealthKnee ReplacementShinglesCardiac CatheterizationEndometriosisLupusSkin, Hair and NailsCardioversionEpilepsyMental […]

BONNERS FERRY Medicine Man Bonners Ferry (Inside Super-1) Refills                        Facebook ​ SANDPOINT Medicine Man Sandpoint (Inside Super-1) Refills                       Facebook ​ ATHOL Medicine Man Pharmacy (Inside Super-1) Refills      MedPax     Facebook […]

Find a Holistic Dentist The Holistic Dental Association is pleased to offer visitors a searchable database of our professional membership. Each active member is listed here, according to state. You can search by state or by a dentist’s last name. To search by state, please enter the the full name […]

To search for a dentist, please choose a state, your plan and enter the zip code under the Enter Your Geographic Area section. EmblemHealth Members: To search for a dentist, please use the links below: Idaho Members: If you contact several providers who have indicated they will see new patients […]

Karen Vasso, a 43-year old farmer from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, takes good care of her health. In addition to the copious amounts of physical exercise she gets while working, she’s an avid swimmer and triathlete, who’s completed a few solo 12.5-mile swims around Key West in Florida. She also has a […]

When you’re looking for a new dentist, you’re searching for more than someone to just clean your teeth. “Your dental health is such a vital part of your overall health, so it’s important for every patient to have a dental home,” says Dr. Cathy Taylor-Osborne, an ADA dentist and director […]

Dental emergency and out-of-hours care If you think you need urgent care, contact your usual dentist as some surgeries offer emergency dental slots and will provide care if clinically necessary. You can also contact NHS 111, who can put you in touch with an urgent dental service. Do not contact […]

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Medicare Do you qualify for Medicare? You might have Medicare plan options beyond the federal program, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Find out about Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement plans. If you decide to stay with Original Medicare, you might be able to […]