HealthRoster – eHealth NSW

State wide Rostering Program

A new rostering system – HealthRoster – is being implemented in waves across Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Health Agencies, replacing multiple legacy systems around the state. The system will enhance our people’s ways of working and enable patient, staff and organisational benefits.

Since 2015, the system has been implemented in 13 Local Health Districts, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, NSW Health Pathology, HealthShare NSW, and eHealth NSW. The System will be implemented in Hunter New England LHD, Far West LHD, Western Sydney LHD and Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health in 2018, completing the rollout.

HealthRoster allows managers to more effectively roster to staffing needs by time of day, day of week and by skill level. Users receive dynamic feedback on these parameters as well as on award compliance during the online building of rosters. As rosters are built and modified, managers are alerted to over or under staffing,

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