The PAs provide a framework for collaboration in the area of capacity building for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, or any allied disciplines, particularly for professionals from French-speaking countries. (Photo: D. Calma/IAEA) The finalization and signing of these PAs are the latest development in a shared history of successful collaboration […]

The SOM is the largest nationally recognised professional organisation for individuals with an interest in health and work. SOM acts as a national voice for occupational health, engaging with government and policy makers to increase awareness of the role of occupational health. Our Patrons are Lord Blunkett, Dame Carol Black […]

20th CTH Exam 21 November 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina RCISTM8 22-24 November 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina North American Travel Medicine Review and Update Course 14-15 August 2020 21st CTH Exam 13 September 2020 Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America CISTM17 19-23 May 2021 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Recent […]