Article content A Minnesota woman is suing a dentist who she says administered too much anesthesia and performed a battery of procedures that made her disfigured. In a civil lawsuit, Kathleen Wilson of Minneapolis says Dr. Kevin Molldrem of Molldrem Family Dentistry performed 32 procedures — including eight dental crowns, […]

The latest headlines from our reporters across the US sent straight to your inbox each weekday Your briefing on the latest headlines from across the US A Minnesota woman is suing her dentist, claiming he gave her eight crowns, four root canals, 20 tooth filings, and an excess of anaesthesia […]

HOUSTON – Two men are facing charges for pretending to be dentists in the Houston area, court documents revealed.  Jose Uzeta is accused of inappropriately massaging one of his patients after he completed “dental work” at a building on Monday in the 6200 block of Westpark Drive. Authorities say Uzeta […]

A dentist was fired just hours after a video went viral showing him and a friend ripping down posters of kidnapped and murdered Israelis. Ahmed Elkoussa, a 31-year-old dentist, and ‘Instagram model’ Xave Ramoul were caught on camera ripping down posters of Israeli hostages in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood Tuesday.  By […]

HOUSTON – A former Houston-area dentist has been found guilty of injury to a child by omission in connection to the irreversible brain damage to Neveah Hall.  According to court documents, Bethaniel Jefferson was found guilty on Wednesday.  The case made headlines back in 2016 after the then 4-year-old was […]

Healthcare leaders increasingly recognize the value of patient centered care models. However, many do seem to struggle to implement solutions smoothly across large, complex delivery systems. Competing priorities and entrenched mindsets often hinder change. Through a combination of incremental improvements, change management tactics, and workforce engagement, health systems can streamline […]

Medical marijuana has gained considerable attention in recent years, with more states legalizing its use for certain medical conditions. Among its various applications, palliative care emerges as one of the most discussed areas, where it can provide substantial relief to patients experiencing life-limiting illnesses. In Texas, despite the state’s historically […]